Alumnus Neville Ngwa Published His First Novel

Ngwa Book CoverNeville Ngwa, a proud United States Army Veteran and graduate from the UIC sociology department in 2009, has completed his first novel entitled The Scribe Saga Book One. He is happy to announce that it is for sale on and hopes the UIC Community will enjoy this wonderful accomplishment.

Book Synopsis:
This military suspense adventure offers a fun adaptation of a young mans journey to self discovery. The story centers on the Scribe, a nerdy young cadet living on a desert Planet. He has a surprise visit from the leader of his land. He is placed in a powerful position and is unsure of his ability to lead his fellows on a dangerous mission. Suddenly, during his briefing a terrible fear cripples his confidence as a result it puts his mission at risk. During the mission he meets an Artisan, a mysterious figure that reveals clues about his land and himself. He becomes more and more suspicious of the intent of his mission. He also begins to question the allegiance of his fellow comrades. Upon hearing of his miraculous appearance, the elderly Prime Minister, seeing him as the savior predicted in a dream, would appear dubs the Scribe the hope of uniting the Zone territories. During his journey he begins to utilize everything he learned in training. As the Scribe and his crew crossed the borders of the enemy territory, a disastrous earthquake hit. It shakes the Scribe and his crew, physically destroying precious cargo. He manages to grab what he needs to continue the mission. His perseverance wins him adulation and renown, but it also rouses the jealousy of one of his fellows. He is a traitor who will use any means to take over the throne. Meanwhile, the Scribe finds himself falling in love with a young-princess.