Andy Clarno and Maria Krysan Featured in the IRRPP LAS Lunchtime Lecture

Sociologists, as well as, scholars from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Andy Clarno and Maria Krysan, will discuss their research on race, ethnicity and public policy.  Andy will discuss The Empire’s New Walls: The Politics of Enclosure in South Africa and Palestine/Israel?; while Maria will discuss Legacy Effects: Racial Dynamics and the Perpetuation of Segregation, during the lunch hours of 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 4th located 401 University Hall.  Please RSVP HERE if you plan on attending.

Andy Clarno, Maria Krysan along with Nadine Naber will not only discuss their individual projects but explore the connections between each of them; and use their findings to examine the related themes of race research within Sociology, African American studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, Asian American Studies, and Institute of Government and Public Affairs.