Andy Clarno part of a team awarded a major grant from Humanities without Walls

Andy Clarno is part of a group of scholars recently awarded a Global Midwest grant by The Humanities Without Walls Consortium.  The project, “Insurgent Midwest: Transnational Dialogues for a Humane Urbanism,” involves engaged scholars at UIC and UIUC  and social movement activists in Chicago, Mexico, and South Africa.  The research team, led by Prof. Faranak Miraftab (UIUC), includes UIC scholars Andy Clarno (SOC and AAST) and Ivan Arenas (IRRPP).

Working with the Mexico Solidarity Network and the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, the project will document and explore the insurgent practices and transnational connections of social movements organizing for labor and housing justice in Chicago, Cape Town, and Mexico City.  The project will combine ethnographic research and qualitative interviews with a series of dialogue workshops and multi-media productions to examine the forms of networked struggles and north/south solidarities being developed to challenge urban inequality and marginalization.