New UIC Soiciology Graduate Student Travel Grant Policy

Updated: November 2015
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) has recently changed how Graduate Student Travel Grants are allotted. Funds are now given to departments to distribute. As a result, we have created a new policy for allocating LAS-funded travel awards.

  • Students who are ABD will be given priority for travel awards
  • Students may receive only one travel award per academic year
  • Awards are capped at $250
  • Students must be presenting a paper at a conference; if you are co-author on a paper, you may apply for a travel award but priority will be given to those who are actually presenting the paper.
  • Student travel must be endorsed by their advisor; a brief email from the advisor to the DGS indicating awareness of the request and providing details on the conference if it is a conference with which the DGS may not be familiar.
  • Student awards can only be used for reimbursable expenses (e.g., transportation, hotel, conference registrations).

Because of the limited funding pool for travel, we advise students to seek out travel funding from other sources. Travel awards are granted on a first-come-first-served basis, so please apply as soon as you know you will be attending or at least one month in advance of travel. Also, keep others’ need in mind when applying: don’t apply for funds that you do not need. Priority will be given to requests that would enable a student to attend a conference that they otherwise would not be able to attend.

To apply, students should email the DGS and provide the following information: Name of conference/association, dates, location, title and brief abstract of presentation, and a list of all authors on the presentation. 

Sources of additional funds for graduate student travel: