Nilda Flores Gonzalez’s new book named in The Chronicle of Higher Education as an exciting new book!

The Chronicle Review, a section of The Chronicle of Higher Education, asked eleven scholars, “What New Book Are You Most Excited About?” Victor M. Rios, professor of sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara, says he is most excited about Nilda Flores-Gonzalez’s new book, Citizens but Not Americans: Race and Belonging Among Latino Millennials. 

Victor Rios writes: “Nilda Flores-González’s Citizens but Not Americans: Race and Belonging Among Latino Millennials (NYU Press). Scholars seeking to understand how young Latinos experience and make sense of contemporary U.S. nationalism and xenophobia must read this book. Flores-González masterfully shows how Latino millennials born in the United States feel they are citizens but not Americans, how these young Americans are cheated out of a sense of national belonging, and, as such, how they are working to rewrite the national narrative on belonging in order to counter dominant narratives of exclusion.”