Ryan Alan Sporer will contribute a chapter to forthcoming quadrilogy

Ryan Alan Sporer and co-author Kevin Suemnicht, from the UIC anthropology department, have been accepted to contribute a chapter to the forthcoming quadrilogy titled Anarchist Political Ecology. Editors include Simon Springer, Martin Locret-Collet, Jennifer Mateer, and Maleea Acker. Ryan and Kevin's chapter will appear in the first volume, Violence in the Age of Anthropocentrism. Their chapter is titled “Anarchist Political Ecology and Socio-Material Infrastructures: The Intransitive, Interstitial, and Prefigurative Politics of Going Off-Grid.”

Ryan Alan Sporer has also been selected to present a paper at the Association for Humanist Sociology conference this November at the University of Havana, Cuba. The paper is titled, “An Archeology of Circumvention as Politics.” 

Congratulations, Ryan!