What I’m up to now Fall 2018: Amy Bailey

Amy Bailey

Amy Bailey

I’m teaching

Sociology 300 and 500, undergraduate and graduate Research Methods and Sociology 426 Race Violence and the State

I’m currently working on

Chair of the ASA Peace, War & Culture Section

Several papers co-authored with UIC graduate students, undergraduates, and alumni

I recently published

An article analyzing the relationship between Veteran status and intergenerational mobility across three generations of American men

Was the guest co-editor of a special issue of Population Research and Policy Review, focused on military populations and inequality

Have a forthcoming essay, co-authored with UIC doctoral candidate Piere Washington, reflecting on major trajectories in lynching research

Over the summer, I….

Worked on the special issue of Population Research and Policy Review

Completed an engaged scholarship effort, volunteering to complete a program evaluation for a local  food insecurity organization

Went on a couple of camping trips and helped my parents move

My office hours are

Mondays 1:30-2:30

Wednesdays 11-12