What I’m up to now Fall 2018: Claire Decoteau

Claire Decoteau

I’m teaching

Sociology 595 Proseminar

I’m currently working on

My book that explores the epistemic contestations over autism in the Somali diaspora of Minneapolis and Toronto.  This is the first book about autism in North America to explore the racial, class and national implications of autism etiology and politics.

I recently published

A Social Science & Medicine article on the embodied health movements of Somali parents of children with autism; a co-authored article (with Paige Sweet) inBioSocieties on debates over the DSM-5; a theoretical article in Political Power and Social Theory

I recently received

2018 UIC Graduate Mentoring Award

Over the summer, I….

Wrote my book and played with my toddler

My office hours are

1-3pm on Wednesdays and by appointment