What I’m Up to Now Spring 2019: Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

I’m teaching:
Soc 100, Introduction to Sociology and Soc 593, Sociology of Teaching Colloquium

I’m currently working on:
Two journal articles. The first is a paper with my collaborator, Hana Brown, that examines how,
over the last decade, Latinos and African-Americans have come to be similarly racialized in the
South as a result, in part, of social movement activism and political change.
The second is a paper with my collaborator, Mary Kate Blake, that uses a nationally
representative survey of multiracial Americans to explore how multiracials understand their
racial identity.

I recently published:
My article “From Open Doors to Closed Gates: Intragenerational Reverse Incorporation in New
Immigrant Destinations,” was published this fall in International Migration Review.

Over winter break, I….
Traveled to Mexico for a much-needed peak at the sun.

My office hours are:
Mondays 1:30-3:30, and by appointment.