What I’m Up to Now Spring 2019: Mahesh Somashekhar

Mahesh Somashekhar

I’m teaching:
SOC 201: Introductory Sociological Statistics
SOC 300: Introduction to Sociological Research Methods

I’m currently working on:
Three projects. The first analyzes the impact of Seattle’s minimum wage increase to $15/hr on minority-owned and immigrant-owned businesses. In contrast to the claim that minority- and immigrant-owned businesses are too small and vulnerable to absorb the minimum wage increase, the study shows that minorities and immigrants have not been uniquely affected. The second shows that LGBTQ-friendly organizations in the U.S. are transforming in ways that may help sustain and protect gayborhoods into the future despite the declining number of LGBTQ people who live in gayborhoods. Finally, I have a project under review in which I show that the kinds of commercial development associated with gentrification in the U.S., such as growth in art galleries and coffee shops, tend to occur in neighborhoods specifically gentrified by middle-class Whites. Neighborhoods gentrified by middle-class African Americans do not experience a notable increase in commercial development.

I recently received:
A faculty fellowship from UIC’s Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy

Over winter break, I….
Wrote a draft of my paper on gayborhoods and submitted it to three conferences

My office hours are:
11:15 to 12:30 on Mondays, and by appointment