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What I’m Up to Now Spring 2019: Maria Krysan

Maria Krysan Heading link

I’m currently working on:

a collaboration with visual artist/photographer/activist Tonika Johnson (@tonikagj), creator of Folded Map. We are working on a number of ways to combine the artistry of the Folded Map project with insights from social science to better understand what causes the Cycle of Segregation.

I recently published:

a chapter “Promoting Integrative Residential Choices: What Would It Take” with Kyle Crowder. This chapter appears in A Shared Future: Fostering Communities of Inclusion in an Era of Inequality, a volume edited by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard that “examine[s] different aspects of the complex and deeply rooted problem of residential segregation and propos[es] concrete steps that could achieve meaningful change within the next ten to fifteen years.”

Over spring break, I….

Traveled to NY where I was honored to co-present with artist Tonika Johnson at University of Albany, “Folding the Map on Segregation: Race in Chicago’s Neighborhoods” and also relented to the pressure of my 11-year old and went to the Broadway production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (fortunately, the 11-year old was there to explain the story to me, since I have not read any of the books!)

My office hours are:

By appointment