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Photo of Washington, Piere

Piere Washington

Graduate Student



Building & Room:

4075E BSB


Previous degrees:

B.A. Sociology, Loyola University Chicago
B.S. Criminal Justice, Loyola University Chicago
M.A. Social and Cultural Foundations in Education, DePaul University

Specialty areas:

Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Identity, Intersectionality & Interracial Families

Research interests:

I am generally interested in the construction and negotiation of identity for black-white biracial Americans and the historical and contemporary policing of black-white interracial relationships. My current research examines both formal and informal means of policing black-white interracial couples along with the struggles and decisions of these couples' biracial offspring to identify as biracial, black, white or other. More specifically, I am interested in exploring racial identity as it is shaped by various social factors including: parenting and sibling relationships, gender identity and notions of masculinity and femininity, socioeconomic status, opportunities for social mobility, and efforts for racial pluralism vs. efforts of assimilation.

M.A. Thesis Title: "A Content Analysis Exploring Biracial Identity"