Photo of Wallace, Scott M.

Scott M. Wallace

Graduate Student



Building & Room:

4061 BSB

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Previous Degrees:

B.A. Sociology, University of Wisconsin--Superior

Specialty Areas:

Political Sociology; Political and Institutional Embodiment; East Asia; Gender; Social Theory

Research interests: 

Within the context of political sociology, part of my interest resides in understanding the durability and persistence of political beliefs by exploring how those beliefs come to be embodied in ones’ dispositions by their being involved and implicated in the specific social-historical contexts from which they are in part products of. I am also interested in exploring how conspiracy theories could be understood as problematic political cosmologies that serve to provide meaningful understandings of political or historical events where official narratives appear to fail in contextualizing or are seen as suspicious. Such an approach could tell us how believers of conspiracies understand how power works, and what they understand to be the nature of politics.