Senior Capstone Course (490) Celebration Photos

by Caleb Butler | May 13, 2017

SOC 490 is our senior capstone course. A key feature of this course is students' collaboration on projects with community partners, in which they apply their sociological knowledge and skills. Students continue to develop their sociological imaginations and develop their professional identities as sociological majors. 

Prof. Lorena Garcia, who co-led the course, said, “I’m so very proud of all of our SOC 490 students for all their hard work on the community partner projects!” See the photos below!  

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20170426_150616 copy20170426_144951 copy
20170426_144630 copy
20170426_144904 copy
20170426_145238 copy
20170426_145531 copy
20170426_150334 copy