"Where Will The MIllenials Take Us?"

by Warka Jabbar | Jul 25, 2017
The Honorary Society Alpha Kappa Delta in conjunction with the American Sociological Association's conference, will have guest speaker Dr. Barbara Risman hold a distinguished lecture titled "Where Will The MIllenials Take Us? Transforming the Gender Structure". This event will be held at the Palias des Congres de Montreal, Level 5, 511C from 4:30pm-6:10pm on August 12th. Dr. Risman will discuss an overview of her forthcoming book in 2017 differentiating between the material and cultural aspects of the gender structure. She will distinguish between the individual, the interactional, the macro levels of the gender structure, and the dynamic relationships between them. Dr. Risman will also present data based on life history interviews with a gender diverse sample of 116 American Millennials. We hope to see you there!
To view the event flyer click here: Barbara Risman Lecture