REG Concentration

Graduate Concentration - Race, Ethnicity, and Gender

The Race, Ethnicity, and Gender (REG) program integrates theory and research on three key dimensions of social organization: race, ethnicity, and gender. It explores how these dimensions, both independently and in relationship to each other, affect individuals, groups, and societies. Areas of faculty expertise include: race and the labor market, gender and the family, theories of racism and racial and ethnic identity, intergroup beliefs and attitudes, immigration, racial and ethnic demography, gender and racial stratification, and race and social movements. REG faculty examine how race, ethnicity, and gender operate as axes of stratification and also of solidarity across a range of social institutions (work, family, labor markets, housing, religion, schools, social movements, social policy, criminal justice and politics) both in the US and other areas of the world. We employ diverse research methods, including ethnography, surveys, demographic methods, and in-depth interviews. The Sociology Department's faculty expertise in REG is complemented by UIC's Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, Center for Research on Women and Gender, Department of African-American Studies, Department of Criminal Justice, Department of History's Graduate Concentration in Work, Race, & Gender in the Urban World, programs in Latin American and Latino Studies, and Gender and Women Studies. Students should feel free to seek out faculty in these other units for additional coursework, research opportunities, and advice.

Required Courses: Please consult the graduate manual

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Amy Bailey
  • William Bielby
  • Andy Clarno
  • Sharon Collins
  • Claire Decoteau
  • Nilda Flores-Gonzalez
  • Lorena Garcia
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Maria Krysan
  • Barbara Risman
  • Laurie Schaffner