WOE Concentration

Graduate Concentration - Work, Organizations, and the Economy

The Work, Organizations, and the Economy (WOE) program investigates the social structure and social institutions of production, consumption, and distribution in contemporary societies. Current research projects include the organization of research and development in the United States and Japan, social network processes in voluntary associations, internal labor markets and the displacement of older workers, market and organizational influences on wage inequality, the impacts of the Internet, and the structure of intergenerational transfers of wealth. Members of this specialization also share research interests and collaborate with colleagues in other specializations. As a major node in the global economy, Chicago provides an environment rich in private, non-profit and government organizations that offer outstanding research opportunities.

Required Courses: Please consult the graduate manual

Affiliated Faculty:

  • William Bielby
  • Sharon Collins
  • Rachel Gordon
  • Paul-Brian McInerney
  • Pamela Popielarz
  • Moshe Semyonov