We have a productive sociology faculty who do work that matters. We are fortunate to work in a university committed to engaging with the community, with a mission to understand Great Cities, and in a college focused on using faculty expertise to promote scientific inquiry and to help shape a more just society. Our faculty members are as dedicated to engaging in rigorous research and contributing to the development of basic knowledge as they are to making substantial contributions to the community at large.

UIC Sociology has research expertise in two broad areas: the study of race, ethnicity and gender, and the study of work, organizations and the economy. Within these broad topical areas, our highly productive faculty pursue research projects within a remarkable array of sub-specialties. 

Our department also prides itself on the array of different methodological strategies in our collective toolkit; faculty undertake ethnographies, in-depth interviews, survey research, focus groups, statistical analysis of secondary data, and the use of comparative historical methods. Moreover, one of the noteworthy features of our department is our methodological cross-fertilization, reflected in the increasing use by faculty of multiple-methods in their research approaches. Quantitative scholars are incorporating in-depth interviews; statistical analysts are using comparative historical methods; and ethnographers have become conversant in designing surveys.

As is true of the discipline overall, our department includes book-writers, journal-article-writers, and those who do both. Reflecting this, our productivity on both dimensions is impressive. Since 2013, our faculty have produced six books and two edited volumes. Our rate of journal article publications is also exceptional, and too many and varied to summarize here. Nevertheless, our faculty (and graduate students) regularly publish in top general and specialty journals with solid to excellent impact factor ratings.


9781479831180_Full From Deportation to Prison

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How the Circuit Riders Sparked an IT Revolution and Created a Technology Market

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