Amelia Branigan 

Visiting Assistant Professor 

Research Interests: social inequality, health and illness, crime and deviance, race and ethnicity, education
Recent Courses: 

  • Introduction to Sociological Statistics  (Soc 201)
  • Methods for Causal Inference (Soc 509)
Amelia Branigan studies the relationship between elements of the physical body and socioeconomic inequality, with a focus on health and illness, crime and deviance, and education outcomes. Her current work follows three lines of inquiry. A first project asks how elements of visible phenotype matter for social outcomes, specifically focusing on variation in skin color and body mass. A second project uses Scandinavian registry data to consider another bodily process that is both physical and social: infertility, defined as the inability to conceive a wanted pregnancy. A third and most recent project asks how shifts in spatialized neighborhood violence, operationalized as transitioning gang boundaries in Chicago, affect a range of individual-level and neighborhood-level health and educational outcomes.

Branigan completed her postdoctoral training at the Cornell Population Center at Cornell University, and joined the UIC Department of Sociology as a visiting assistant professor in the fall of 2016. She received her PhD and MA in sociology from Northwestern University, and a BA in History and Journalism from New York University.


Contact Information

Sociology Office: 4175 BSB