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Welcome back to UIC Sociology! Whether your favorite memory is of a life-changing class, a passionate professor or a group of wonderful friends, you will find current students making similar memories. We work hard to maintain our commitment to engaging and educating students while pushing ourselves to be leaders in the field of sociology. 

UIC Sociology is proud to count sociologists, demographers, social workers, nonprofit professionals and many others among our talented alumni community. We want to stay in touch with you, and to continue to be a resource and community for you, whether you are near or far!

Maria Krysan 
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30 in 30 proudly features the accomplishments of thirty UIC Sociology alumni over the course of thirty weeks. Each week, we will feature a new alumnus/a of the department. The individuals profiled were each interviewed by one of our very own graduating seniors, who had the opportunity to learn about the many fascinating paths our alumni take. Follow along with us and learn more about your fellow alums over the next 30 weeks!

Do you want to be profiled? Email Kirsten at to get on the list for the Fall 2017 semester!


Akilah Watkins-Butler (PhD 2017)

 Akilah Watkins-Butler

Dissertation Title:  "Marriage on the Black Market: Contextual Influences of African American Marriage Markets"

Ray Sin (PhD 2017)
Ray Sin
Dissertation Title: “The Emergence and Persistence of Gender Ambivalence: A Latent Class Analysis from 1977 to 2014”

Caleb Schaffner (PhD 2017)

Caleb Schaffner
Dissertation Title:  “Paths Out of Religion: A Cartography of Atheism”

Tunde Cserpes (PhD 2017)

Cserpes, Tunde
Dissertation Title: “From Relationship Asymmetry to Market: Spatial and Organizational Dynamics in Beer Wholesaling”

Bradley Zopf (PhD 2017)

Bradley Zopf
Dissertation Title“What it Means to be Brown: The Racial Lives of Egyptians in the United States”

Jessica Cook (PhD 2016)

new years (2)
Dissertation Title: “Beyond Just the Job: Chicago Worker Centers Contesting Exclusion, Organizing for Full Citizenship Rights”

Melissa Abad (PhD 2016)

Abad, Melissa updated 06-2016 small
Dissertation Title: “Juggling Logics: How Nonprofit Staff Construct an Organizational Field in a New Immigrant Destination”

Jerome Hendricks (PhD 2016)

Hendricks, Jerome

Senior Research Analyst, RSG

Dissertation Title: "Vinyl Revival: Processes of Qualification and Change in Intermediate Markets"

Anna Colaner (PhD 2016)

Anna Colaner self portrait

Director of Evaluation and Research, SGA Youth & Family Services

Dissertation Title: “Sociodemographic Disparities in Market Change and Programmatic Mission under Preschool for All: A Case Study of Illinois”

Courtney Carter (PhD 2015)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and African American Studies, Mississippi State University

Dissertation Title:
 “The Institutionalization of Diversity at an HBCU and its Implications for Racialized School Mission”

Danielle Giffort (PhD 2015)

Assistant Professor of Medical Sociology, Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Saint Louis College of Pharmacy

Dissertation Title:
"The Rip Van Winkle Science: The Decline and Revival of Psychedelic Drug Research"

Julio Capeles-Delgado (PhD 2015)

Dissertation Title: "Latino parental Engagement in a New Immigrant Destination".

Kelly Underman (PhD 2015)

Dissertation Title: “A Feel for the Clinic: Affect, Embodiment, and Simulation in the Pelvic Exam”

Kristin Abner (PhD 2014)

Manager, Health, Education, and Social Programs, ICF International

Dissertation Title
: “Child Maltreatment and Child Welfare Intervention:
Contextual and Individual Inequalities"

Rachel Allison (PhD 2014)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Mississippi State University

Dissertation Title
: “Gender and the Organization of Women’s Professional Soccer.”

Amy Brainer (PhD 2014)

Assistant Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Dissertation Title
: "Lesbian, gay and queer kinship in Taiwan: Generational changes and continuities"

Kiana Cox (PhD 2014)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Dissertation Title:
"Visible But Out of Place: Black Woman and Gender in Assessments of African American Inequality"

Juan Martinez (PhD 2013)

Martinez Headshot

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Northeastern Illinois University

Dissertation Title:
 "The Suburban Village”: White Ethnics, Latinos, and Neighborhood Relations.


Yan Xing (PhD 2013)

Research Specialist, University of Illinois at Chicago, Family Medicine

Dissertation Title:
"Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Enterprises: Insights from Corporate Website Self-Reporting" 

Pallavi Banerjee (PhD 2012)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary

Dissertation Title
: "Constructing Dependence: Visa Regimes and Gendered Migration in Indian Transnational Professional Families."

Georgiann Davis (PhD 2011)

Curriculum Vitae        
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Dissertation title
: "Gender Players and Gender Prisoners: When Intersex Activism, Medical Authority, and Terminology Collide"

Mosi Ifatunji (PhD 2011)

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel-Hill

Dissertation Title
: “Are Black Immigrants A Model Minority? Race, Ethnicity and Social Inequality in the United States.”

Xiao Lu (PhD 2012)

Assistant Professor, College of Sociology and Ethnology, Minzu University in Beijing

Dissertation Title
: "Social Structure of the Chinese Academic Labor Market in a Changing Environment.”

Sonia Oliva (PhD 2010)

Sociology Instructor, College of Lake County, Grayslake, IL

Dissertation Title
: "What’s race got to do with it? The School Politics of Black and Latino Racial Tensions”

Zachary Neal (PhD 2009)

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Michigan State University

Dissertation Title:
"Trajectories of the Distinctive Metropolis in the Twentieth Century"