Professor Risman Elected Vice-President of ASA

photo of barbara rismanProfessor Barbara Risman, Head of the UIC Sociology Department, has been elected Vice-President of the American Sociological Association (ASA). She became Vice-President Elect at the end of the San Francisco meetings, and will become Vice-President at the end of the Chicago meetings next year. ASA Election results are available on the ASA Website.

Center for Public Anthropology logoUIC Sociology ranked

#2 in the nation among sociology departments for "Return" on Public Funding and Presence in the Public Media. This is empirical validation that we have developed one of the best public sociology departments in the country. Our mission is to do important social science and use it for the public good, and our engagement with the media is getting notice!


About Us

Welcome to UIC Sociology! We are a group of enthusiastic and energetic scholars who study, write about, and engage with the world around us. As a department, we have two broad areas of expertise: the study of race/ethnicity/gender and the study of work/organizations/economy. All of our graduate students become experts in one of those two broad and important areas of sociology. Within those areas of expertise, we have an amazing variety of fascinating research underway. Faculty study everything from adolescence and young adult sexuality to youth entangled in the juvenile legal system. Many of our faculty and graduate students study the processes of immigration to the United States from other parts of the world. Other faculty and graduate students study the process of organizational inequality in major corporations, and are considered national experts who testify in trials about  race and gender discrimination. Faculty study everything from how bureaucracy became embedded in American corporations, to how social movement organizations mobilize to promote social change in markets and politics. We have been ranked one of the top 20 departments to study the sociology of gender and have long been considered one of the leading places to study racial inequality from the corporate world to housing segregation. Global research has increasingly become the norm with faculty doing research from Mexico to Israel, to South Africa.

This is a faculty that not only studies the world, but is actively engaged in using our  research based evidence to increase the quality of life for the citizens of Chicago, the state, the nation and the world. We are a department that values and rewards public sociology. What does that mean? We are a place where writing and speaking about  racial and gender discrimination is understood to be an effective use of social scientific skills. Our faculty, particularly those we share with the Institute of Government and Policy Analysis (IGPA) write briefing papers for the state legislature and conferences to bring research evidence to social service providers and other non-profit sectors. Faculty make themselves available to the press to  inspire public discourse based on solid social science research. The sociology faculty at UIC are committed to using research and social science for the public good.

We are also committed to incorporating undergraduate students, as well as graduate students, into the life of the department, and in to the profession. Undergraduates regularly collaborate on research projects, and graduate students regularly become co-investigators and co-authors with faculty. UIC Sociology faculty are committed to education and provide critical training to young people so that they can interact successfully with the world, and use a sociological imagination in whatever career they choose.

CPS Students at ASA


Chicago Public School Students presented their papers at the American Sociological Association Meetings earlier this month!

Read all about it in the ASA Footnotes. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making their trip to ASA possible!



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