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Photo of Saffar Heidari, Saeed

Saeed Saffar Heidari

Graduate Student


Pronouns: He/Him/His


Building & Room:

4005 BSB


Previous Degrees:

B.A. English Literature, University of Mazandaran, Iran

M.A. Sociology, University of Tehran, Iran

Specialty Areas:

Comparative-Historical Sociology, Middle East, Memory Studies, Culture, Nationalism, Islam and Postcolonialism, Collective Behaviors and Actions, Qualitative Methods

Research interests:

Saeed was admitted as a sociology PhD student for Fall 2020 but his arrival to Chicago was deferred due to the Covid-19 pandemic and he finally joined his cohorts for Fall 2021. He received his M.A degree of sociology Summa Cum Laude at the University of Tehran, where his sociological thesis was about the social construction of nostalgia in post-revolutionary Iran. He is primarily interested in how modern societies remember, reconstruct and reinterpret their own collective traumas, memories and pasts and how modern nations include themselves in shared (imagined) communities. For his PhD, he hopes to expand the geographical scope of his research and focus on socio-historical experiences of modern Middle Eastern countries, with a particular emphasis on Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Generally speaking, his sociological research further addresses intersections of memory studies, comparative-historical sociology, and culture by which he is trying to understand how modern Middle Eastern nations reclaim or shape their collective identities by taking collective actions such as social protests, movements, or uprisings.

M.A Title: “Social Construction of Nostalgia in Post-revolutionary Iran”, passed with distinction.

Selected Publications