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Getting a Major or Minor in Sociology

What is sociology?

Sociology is the study of social life, including individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and societies. Sociologists investigate the social causes and consequences of human behavior and interaction, such as inequality, poverty, discrimination, and urbanization. Sociologists are curious about what is going on in the social world and more importantly, why and how this matters for societies.

Students majoring and minoring in Sociology develop the following competencies/skills:

  • Strong background in sociological theories
  • Ability to apply sociological theories to understand social phenomena
  • Knowledge and application of research methods to understand the social world
  • Evaluation of quality of social scientific data
  • Ability to analyze social scientific data
  • Knowledge and use of statistical techniques and software
  • Effective communication skills
  • Ability to use sociological knowledge to inform policy debates and promote public understanding

What can I do with a degree in sociology? Heading link

wide range of fields

A sociology major can serve as preparation for careers in such fields as law, management, urban and environmental planning, corrections, journalism, education, social work, public health and other service professions. A major in sociology will also prepare students to undertake graduate studies in sociology and other social sciences and interdisciplinary fields.

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Degree Requirements Heading link

Declaring your Major/Minor in Sociology Heading link

In order to officially declare a major or minor, you need to visit the LAS Advising Center and complete the declaration form. LAS will then process this form. The change/addition may take up to two semesters to finalize. During the processing period, you may enroll in Major Restricted courses. In order to gain permission to enter these courses, you will need to speak to Rachele Gartland, the Sociology Undergraduate Advisor.

More information on undergraduate advising for sociology majors and minors is available here.

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