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Reading Groups & Workshops

Our collection of reading groups are a fantastic way to explore an area of interest in greater depth alongside a curious group of faculty and graduate students. Active reading groups in UIC Sociology include: Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Sociology; Science, Knowledge & Culture; Organizational Dynamics; Quantitative Working Group; Gender within an Intersectional Frame; and Immigration & Migration Reading Group. Find more information below.


Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Sociology Reading Group

The Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Sociology (NHUS) reading group was started in 2015 and is loosely overseen by Dr. Maria Krysan, and run by the graduate student members. The NHUS group consists mainly of graduate students from sociology, but students from other disciplines are encouraged and welcome to join us. NHUS focuses on theoretical and empirical literature related to urban issues, including spatial stratification, housing, and segregation. We meet about once a month and discuss reading material, and occasionally invite other faculty and students to attend who have particular expertise. We also experiment with other meeting formats, including discussions and presentations of works in progress by members. Our group is a ‘work in progress’ and adapts its approach to meet the goals of the members of the group. If you are interested in participating, email Professor Krysan.


Science, Knowledge & Culture Reading Group

This reading group is run by Dr. Claire Decoteau, and attracts an interdisciplinary group of graduate students from sociology, gender & women’s studies, anthropology, history and disability studies. It is a forum for discussing new and canonical literature in advanced social theory; science and technology studies; feminist science studies; the sociology of knowledge; cultural studies; queer theory; and postcolonial theory. The group meets on a monthly basis to discuss a pre-arranged reading. If you are interested in participating, please email Professor Decoteau for the schedule.

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Center on Organizational Dynamics Reading Group

The Center on Organizational Dynamics hosts a reading group focusing on topics germane to organizations, markets, economies, and work. We meet biweekly during the fall and spring semesters to discuss books, chapters, and journal articles related to an annual theme. For information about the Center on Organizational Dynamics or to get involved, please contact Professor McInerney.

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Quantitative Working Group

The Quantitative Working Group is a workshop run by Dr. Mahesh Somashekhar and aims to support the exploration of new methods in quantitative sociology, including data science, demography, and statistics. The group consists of both students and faculty members. The format of the group changes periodically depending on participant interests. Members regularly present their personal research with the goal of highlighting methodological advances or addressing research design questions. Topics of previous meetings include: sentiment analysis of Twitter data, use of administrative data to study residential racial segregation, and qualitative case analysis. Those interested in joining the group should e-mail either Professor Somashekhar or Ni’Shele Jackson, Graduate Coordinator of the group.

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Gender within an Intersectional Frame Reading Group

The Gender within an Intersectional Frame (GIF) began in 2017 and is facilitated by Professor Barbara Risman, but run collectively by its members. The GIF group is open to any Chicagoland faculty or graduate student interested in sociology of gender but consists mostly of UIC sociology faculty and graduate students. Readings are chosen by consensus and the person who nominates the reading facilitates the discussion. We read classics and new work, and include presentations of work in progress by members. The group is still in its infancy so you can help shape it to become the reading group you’ve always wanted to be in. If interested, let Professor Risman know.

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Immigration & Migration Reading Group

The Immigration and Migration Reading Group started in 2017 in hopes of bringing together graduate students in sociology who are broadly interested in the following topics: immigration, migration, globalization, transnationalism, citizenship, the border, etc. We meet once a month and discuss a pre-arranged reading material, and occasionally we invite other faculty members to attend who have particular expertise. We welcome sociology graduate students at different stages in the program and faculty to join us. If you are interested in participating, please email Herrica Telus for the schedule.

Photo by Andy Clarno