Organizations & the Economy

Ft. Wayne Masonic Temple

Sociology of Organizations and the Economy focuses on the historical and contemporary study of how groups of people come together to accomplish collective goals, the institutionalization of social forms, and how labor is organized and enacted as well as the individual and structural consequences of these processes.

Who studies organizations & the economy?

A selection of faculty publications on organizations & the economy

Recent graduate seminars on organizations & the economy

  • Organizations (Soc 547) by Pamela Popielarz; Paul-Brian McInerney
  • Seminar: Topics in Institutions (Soc 540) by Pamela Popielarz
    • Critical Approaches to Management & Bureaucracy; Organizations & the Economy; Institutional Theories of Organizations
  • Economic Sociology (Soc 520) by Paul-Brian McInerney
  • Organizational Dynamics (Soc 520) by Paul-Brian McInerney

Reading group on organizations & the economy

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The Center on Organizational Dynamics hosts a reading group focusing on topics germane to organizations, markets, economies, and work. We meet biweekly during the fall and spring semesters to discuss books, chapters, and journal articles related to an annual theme. Contact Paul-Brian McInerney if you would like to be involved.