Race & Ethnicity


Sociology of Race/Ethnicity examines the shifting dynamics of racial formation and racial inequality, including immigration and deportation, policing and incarceration, segregation, education, and identity formation within the United States and from a comparative and global perspective.

Who studies race & ethnicity?

A selection of faculty publications on race & ethnicity

Recent graduate seminars on race & ethnicity

  • Racial Capitalism (Soc 540) by Andy Clarno
  • Race and Ethnicity (Soc 525) by Andy Clarno
  • Theorizing the Racial State: Race, Immigration and the Making of Americans (Soc 520) by Jennifer Jones
  • Latinas in the United States (Soc 520) by Lorena Garcia
  • Explaining Racial Inequality in Chicago (Soc 501/509) by Maria Krysan
  • Policing in Chicago: Workshop in Social Justice Ethnography (Soc 501/509) by Andy Clarno
  • Comparative Racial Formation (Soc/AAST 407) by Andy Clarno
  • Race and Ethnicities – Contemporary Struggles (Soc 426) by Laurie Schaffner

Reading groups on race & ethnicity


The Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Sociology (NHUS) reading group was started in 2015 and is loosely overseen by Dr. Maria Krysan, and run by the graduate student members. NHUS focuses on theoretical and empirical literature related to urban issues, including spatial stratification, housing, and segregation.